Pet therapy – treatment of cats

Today, there are many ways to improve human health. These are a variety of supplements, medications, and treatment procedures. But it is much more pleasant to get rid of health problems with the help of cats. Yes, it is cats that are used as the main tool in the fight against diseases in feline therapy.

This therapy is gaining popularity recently as an alternative method of treating various diseases. It is worth noting that it is quite effective and can really improve your health. However, remember that if you decide to use this method of treatment, you should not do it at home on your own. Feline therapy can help you get rid of indispositions only if it is performed under the strict control of experienced specialists.

If you are interested in feline therapy and want to learn more about it, then continue reading. You will find detailed information about this method of disease treatment, its features, and its conditions. You will also learn a lot about the capabilities of cats and understand how they affect human health.

Have you noticed how nice it is to pick up your favorite cat and feel her purring? This fluffy creature can take away fatigue and give a feeling of home comfort. This kind of psychotherapeutic effect has received the name “pet therapy“.pet therapy

But is it true that fuzzies have such a beneficial effect? What and how cats are treated, you will find answers in our article.

The concept and history of polynoterapiya pet therapy is a method of treatment and prevention of various ailments with the help of communication with cats. It should be noted at once that this process is carried out by a group of qualified specialists. First of all, the therapist and the person to whom this cat belongs, that is, the person who trains it to perform the therapeutic function. After all, in fact, a cat is a tool used in pet therapy classes.

In fact, these amazing creatures have been living near humans for more than 10,000 years. And although cats were first domesticated clearly not to purr on their laps, but rather for more practical purposes, now they are, in most cases, Pets for the soul.

what cats treat

The first who noticed the beneficial effect of fuzzies on humans were the Ancient Egyptians, who also had them as sacred animals. Later their experience was adopted by the Assyrians, Babylonians and Romans. But in the Middle ages, the attitude to cats changed dramatically and they were even destroyed, which led to an increase in the rat population. In principle, these events were one of the key ones in the rapid spread of the plague that wiped out half of Europe.

In subsequent times, humanity made conclusions and did not touch these beautiful creatures. Moreover, it returned to the study of their medicinal properties. So many years later, it turned into a full-fledged science thanks to chance. Employees of the London Institute of therapeutic methods of influence conducted an experiment in which the laboratory wandered Institute cat named Martha. When the animal passed a low-frequency current generator, the sensors went off scale, the animal’s electromagnetic field was stronger than the field of an expensive device. And the scientists decided to test whether Martha could be used and woman pet therapy

At that time, the Institute was developing a method for treating chronic inflammatory diseases using low-frequency currents. Two groups of volunteers were organized, half of whom were treated with a special device, and the other half-with the help of cats. A month later, the results of the experiment were amazing, because in the second group, the animals managed to cure all their patients, while in the first group, only half recovered.

This was the impetus for further experiments, which were aimed at understanding how cats are treated. As a result, today, there is a holistic science that has already helped overcome many ailments in different parts of the world.

What cats treat

The medicinal properties of cats extend to diseases of various origins. So, pet therapy is most often used for failures in the cardiovascular system, mental disorders, various addictions, brain diseases and as a component of the rehabilitation process after operations.

This is not a complete list of diseases for which pet therapy is a panacea. Treatment with this method helps to reduce blood pressure, normalizes the heart, relieves joint and headaches. Cats are able to treat even internal inflammatory diseases.

The process of treating cats is due to the specific skills of these animals:

  • Ability to purr. This particular sound has a frequency from 20 to 44 Hz, which is surprisingly healing for the human body. When we hear purring combined with the vibration of the cat’s body, our body goes into a relaxing state, activates its defenses and thus increases the immune system, in addition, it has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, improves brain circulation, normalizes blood pressure and stabilizes the heart rate. Even listening to an audio recording with a purr has a positive effect.
  • Pleasant body temperature. 38-39 °C is the optimal temperature for a mild soothing and warming effect.
  • Ability to absorb negative energy. I think you have often noticed that cats always try to lie down in a place that hurts. This is because that is where the negative energy is concentrated, which they are able to take away.

In addition, due to the friction of the cat’s villi against each other, a low-frequency current is produced, which also has a therapeutic and child therapy

How to be treated with the help of the cats studied experimentally for different patients. So, recently proved the effectiveness of pet therapy in gynecological diseases.

This purring creature can help even at home. Have you noticed how the cat massages the human body with its paws? – This is another type of therapeutic effect. In this way, they relax and help with fatigue, long-term stress, rheumatism, migraines and insomnia.

Features of the method application

It is important to know some recommendations for more efficient use of polynoterapiya. For example, the gender of the furry doctor matters. Cats are more suitable for the treatment of arthritis, radiculitis and osteochondrosis, and cats – for diseases of internal organs and mental disorders.

It is also interesting that even the breed of cat should be taken into account:

  1. Furry cats, which include Persian, Angora and Siberian breeds, are most often used to fight depression, osteochondrosis, neuralgia and insomnia.
  2. Phlegmatic “Brits” help with cardiovascular ailments.
  3. Smooth-haired breeds that specialize in liver and kidney diseases.
  4. Short-haired and hairless cats such as Sphynxes, Siamese and Abyssinian, are treated diseases of the digestive system.

Another important aspect is taking into account the color of the seal. The most neutral and universal suit is considered to be gray. If we talk about red cats, they are simply irreplaceable for depressive manifestations and fatigue, because they are able to charge with positive energy. White Pets-occupy top positions when it comes to the treatment of physiological ailments. Black cats are able to get rid of negative energy.

Pet therapy is gaining popularity every year. Yes, this method can not replace medication, but as an auxiliary and rehabilitation component is quite effective. Therefore, if you want to be able to prevent all the above-mentioned diseases at home, get yourself a cat and be healthy!

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