Consequences of office work and how to prevent frightening “office” diseases

disease in office

Many young people who were students yesterday are in a hurry to get a job at the office today. This is quite justified because office work promises career growth, the help of more experienced colleagues, and a sense of cohesion and unity of the team. Of course, few people think that working in the office is also associated with numerous negative aspects, such as various diseases, for example.

Prolonged sitting, artificial lighting, lack of fresh air, work surrounded by numerous office equipment – all these and many other factors can worsen your health very quickly, even if you are still young. However, there are many ways to prevent the negative consequences of working in the office and always be cheerful, positive, and full of energy.

If you want to learn more about the risks of diseases that increase in the case of working in the office, as well as prevention measures that will help reduce these risks, then you should definitely pay attention to this article.

Office. Bathed in the sun and the aroma of coffee, bright, spacious. On the walls are colorful paintings and a schedule for the year, on the windowsills tradescantia and a Cup with a seal. Upholstered chairs, comfortable tables, warm lamps, a coffee machine, fruit and crunchy cookies. You are greeted by young, attractive employees, a smiling boss comes out to meet you, says Hello, shakes his hand and accompanies you to the most comfortable workplace, so desired and long-awaited.

– Dream job! -I couldn’t help but admire you when you raised the blinds at your Desk and saw that the window offers a wonderful view of the city and the river, because the 15th floor.

“Oh, one more thing,” the boss said. – Let me introduce you to Emma.”

– Emma? Hmm, – blushing start to remember the names of employees. – It wasn’t there when I was introduced to the team?

Without losing a smile, the boss leads to the most evil place of the office-the balcony, where people often go for a smoke break, drink coffee, talk on their mobile phone or for a 5-minute rest. And then you are knocked down… Emma, or rather not Emma herself, but her appearance. Fat, pale, hunchbacked, with varicose veins on her legs, reddened eyes…

“Don’t worry, it’s a dummy,” the boss laughed. – Emma is a wax doll in which the sculptor displayed typical health problems of office workers. Although … Emmochka is not all ills are visible, she has myopia, migraines, hemorrhoids, heart problems, teeth and kidneys, and it’s scary to talk about mental disorders… Emma is not a figment of a sick imagination, but a model created by scientists after surveys about working conditions and health among 3 thousand “white collar workers” in the UK, Germany and France. Emma is a reminder of what we can become if we don’t follow a work and rest schedule.

So, what to do? What should I do to prevent my dream job from being ruined?

The most common office illnesses: physical and mental

According to statistics from the last five years, every second office worker aged 25-40 suffers from problems with the spine and joints. According to statistics, about 40% complain of stress, depression, and psychoemotional disorders.The most common office illnesses: physical and mental Every third person has frequent headaches, chronic respiratory diseases, gastritis and stomach ulcers… In fact, the numbers are much higher. And this is not a heavenly punishment, but a natural consequence of a careless attitude to health.

Dream job, you say?!

Of course, this is not unloading cars or working in the mine. However, sedentary, sedentary, monotonous work in a closed room among toxic office equipment does not make a person healthier. Having received a one-way ticket at birth, we all move in the same direction… and even if we can not turn back time, but everyone is able to make their life path so that it is not painfully painful (both physically and mentally).

The way of peace. If an acute toothache or a pinched nerve, for example, urgently drives us to people in white coats, then mental disorders show treachery. They may not appear immediately and at the first stages you can get along with them and work with them, although the taste of life is not the same. Scientists believe that the reason for this “injustice” is that humanity has always needed to feel pain, and psychological problems have appeared relatively recently and the brain has not yet learned to recognize them as a threat in a timely manner.

The fact that the disorder of psychoemotional health is harmful, alas, we notice only on the problems in relations with society. Although, if you look closely, it turns out that the physical body has long been giving signals about “system failure”. But we perceive them as “Oh, I accidentally tripped and dislocated my leg”, “Oh, I have insomnia and no appetite”, ” hmm, recently, colds and coughs have often been bothering me for more than a month.”

What do we do in such situations? Either we go to the doctor, or nothing (until it presses). But the ancient Chinese wisdom says that you need to go to the doctor in the last place, and first try to change your diet and lifestyle. And many modern doctors agree with this, as well as with banal truths: all diseases are from “nerves”, and “all nerves” – from the way of life (these theses and terms should be fully deciphered, but this is the topic of a separate not short article).

Note to office workers: basic disease prevention

Do you want to avoid such a beautiful future that runs headlong towards you with a bouquet of psychophysical disorders? Of course! You are so young, so cheerful, and so good-looking. Are you ready to give up the office? Then compensate for sedentary work with a mobile lifestyle: everyone can do it!

Problems: obesity, shortness of breath, back and joint pain, osteochondrosis, cardiovascular problems, thrombosis, and more.
Reason: immobility, static posture in the workplace.

Solution: move more during the day, massage and self-massage, walking, contrast shower, regular (!) fiznagruzki-this is 2-3 times a week for 1-2 hours (it is better to go to the pool, to dance or martial arts, sports games or Wellness gymnastics like Hadu).

Tips: stretch more often, walk up the stairs and down the street, periodically ride a bike around the city, change the working position once every half hour or hour (standing, half-turn, the screen is at eye level, then higher, then lower), during the work, massage and stretch the free parts of the body (while your hands are typing-move your legs, hands are free-massage your head and face), take breaks with charging for the body and for the eyes.

Remember! It is important to stretch the muscles, joints, and accelerate blood circulation. It is clear, it is always-there is no time! But 5 minutes every 60-90 minutes will not affect your work, but it will help your health very much-100%. If the imagination is tight, take the “classic” of children’s exercises: head rotation, shoulder tossing, stretch the limbs, “scroll” all the joints, bends, squats, bounces. For all about all 5 minutes-try it!Note to office workers

Problems: dry and red eyes, blurred vision.
Reason: long-term intense gaze at one point at the same distance.

Tips: every 1-1. 5 hours,do eye exercises, change focus, look out the window and at special stereo images, massage your face and closed eyes.

Problems: sore hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis.
Tips: sit so that the hand and elbow lie on the table, parallel to the floor, and the shoulder is perpendicular to the floor (the elbow angle is approximately 90 degrees), regular exercises for the fingers, palms and joints of the hands, self-massage.

Problem: frequent viral respiratory infections and acute respiratory infections, allergies, migraines, stuffy nose, dry cough.
The reason: dust, dry air and invisible enemies-microbes, bacteria, viruses.

Tips: every morning wipe your workplace with a damp cloth (even if it seems clean), regular wet cleaning of the office, airing, timely cleaning of air conditioners, put indoor flowers.

Problems with the teeth and the gastrointestinal tract.
The reason: office tea-coffee-cookies played a cruel joke. Even without talking about the harm of sweets in General and the questionable quality of these products, the trouble is that they are often replaced by full-fledged healthy food. Why go to the dining room for porridge and salad, if you can not look up from the screen to crunch and forget about the feeling of hunger?

Tips: take care of a varied diet, partially replace coffee and tea with herbal and fruit drinks, instead of cookies – cottage cheese and chocolate desserts, dried fruits, nuts, fruits and fresh vegetables (you can clean at home, cut, and nibble at work without distracting from the screen).

Problems: hemorrhoids, cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system.
Reason: sedentary lifestyle and “ignoring” toilet needs.

Tips: move more, eat normally and, sorry for focusing on such a topic, but you do not need to tolerate the urge to go “small”, “large” and even keep the accumulated gases – this leads to big problems (when you tolerate intoxication of the body and possible development of infections).

A couple of” pills ” for the soul: relaxation, laughter and extreme

We have paid so much attention to the prevention of physical health... but what about mental health? The pleasant thing is that most of the above recommendations have a beneficial effect on the state of mind – this is a bonus.A couple of" pills " for the soul: relaxation, laughter and extreme

What else can you do to avoid going crazy from stress? Three whales: relaxation, laughter and extreme.

Find time and opportunity to relax intellectually and emotionally, even when things are bad. For a fresh and rested mind often have a really good idea.

Laughter, laughter, giggling, “I can’t laugh” to tears, to colic, to darkening the eyes – this is the strongest medicine for the soul. Watch comedies, interact with children and animals, and conduct tickling sessions…

The brain constantly needs a fresh portion of hormones, craves something new, ticklish… If life is monotonous, there is nothing to “cheer up”, then the brain begins to “suck out of your finger” some adventures. In such cases, a person behaves like a drug addict in search of a dose-begins to look for where to grab the adrenaline: someone digs in themselves, someone in the phone of her husband, someone inflates scandals out of the blue or climbs into fights… All this out of boredom! But instead of spoiling the relationship, it is better to purposefully, for preventive purposes, drive yourself into an extreme situation. Everyone chooses the degree of extreme for themselves: for someone it is to drive a car, for someone to walk at night in the woods, go to a cryosauna, participate in competitions, etc.

Have you read, agreed, and intend to close the page? And in vain, from reading your eyes, kidneys, genitourinary system, heart and spine will not become easier! Or maybe you want to be like Emma? Enter the search term “Meet Emma” in the search engine, look at the future of lazy office plankton… and re-read and perform basic prevention to avoid becoming Emma.

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