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Undoubtedly, every modern woman makes a choice in favor of a certain lifestyle. Today, veganism continues to gain popularity, including among girls and women. However, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to change her usual way of life and give up certain habits. This is due to the period of pregnancy and lactation. The life and health of the baby directly depends on the lifestyle of the mother. So many modern women are interested in whether it is possible to combine veganism with pregnancy and lactation? Will it harm the baby? Is it possible to eat according to the principles of veganism and provide the child with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins?

Many experts claim that it is possible to be a vegan mom without compromising the child’s health. However, you will have to follow a number of specific rules in order not to cause allergies in the child and ensure that he has an optimal diet during lactation. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to be a good vegan mom.

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the main events in a woman’s life. Along with this, there is a huge responsibility for the well-being, health of the baby, as well as its good health during breastfeeding. An important aspect and guarantee of a full nutrition of a little man is the chemical composition of the mother’s breast milk. From it, the baby gets the necessary growth and development of substances, trace elements, vitamins.

How to feed a nursing mother if she is a vegan? Are there any disadvantages to this method of feeding during lactation and how to make your diet complete? You will find answers to questions in the materials of this article.

Veganism: panacea or extreme?

It is believed that the refusal of meat food protects from many diseases and prolongs life. Of course, vegetarianism brings a person closer to a healthy lifestyle. But, some adherents of the HLS system go further and prefer veganism.

Unlike vegetarians and semi-vegetarians, not only meat is excluded from the vegan menu, but also all animal products, including honey. It is quite difficult to adhere to this way of eating. Especially during gestation and breast-feeding.

How to be a vegan mom and at the same time provide your child with full nutrition? It is necessary to make sure that it gets everything it needs from plant food, and the lack of meat and dairy products is compensated by a decent alternative.

Basic principles of vegan mom’s nutrition

Breastfeeding requires a woman to increase the number of calories consumed per day. This is due not only to the needs of the child, but also to the need for the female body to restore strength after childbirth.Veganism: panacea or extreme?

It is very important to provide the baby with a full set of necessary substances in the first four months of life. The number of calories consumed at this time in the mother increases by 630 kcal. Then the indicator decreases to 520 kcal per day.

A vegan mom should avoid spicy seasonings, spicy foods, foods containing chemical additives, and fruits and vegetables that are high in allergens (strawberries, melons, watermelons, mushrooms, citrus fruits, and nuts). At the same time, you can not sit on a strict diet either. So, you will deprive the child of the necessary valuable substances.

How do I know if you’re doing something wrong? The baby may begin to have digestive problems, the volume of milk will be reduced, the child will be constantly hungry and restless. You will feel a decline in strength, notice that you are losing your beauty.

Optimal diet of a nursing vegan mother

A child needs protein to form bone and muscle tissue. Its main source in the traditional menu is meat. How to compensate for the lack of meat? An alternative to it will be vegetable protein, in sufficient quantities contained in legumes and cereals. Consider the list of nutrients in detail.Optimal diet of a nursing vegan mother

Protein strength
In the daily menu of a nursing mother, its volume varies from 55 to 65 grams. If there is no meat component, replenish its stock with millet porridge, beans, chickpeas, peas, soy products, lentils, tofu cheese, whole grain bread.

Omega-3 for vision and brain function
This element is contained in a limited number of products. Namely, in red fish, which is unacceptable for a vegan. At the same time, omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the baby’s body. An alternative to fish will be seaweed, Flaxseed, and sesame oil.

B-group vitamins on guard of health
These important amino acids are responsible for all processes occurring in the child’s body. Their lack threatens backwardness in development, the appearance of various pathologies, slowing down the growth of cells. Signs of vitamin b deficiency in the mother: brittle nails, poor hair quality, dry and flabby skin, apathy, depression. Correct the situation with these products:

  • All green and leafy vegetables;
  • Legumes;
  • Pumpkin seeds;
  • Avocado;
  • Then if;
  • Sprouted seeds;
  • Bran;
  • Fruits and vegetables with a low allergic index.

A specialist will help you determine the optimal daily intake of each vitamin. It is very difficult to do this on your own, given the possible risk to the baby’s health.

This microelement is responsible for the strength of bones, the development of muscle tissue, healthy growth of teeth, and strengthening of the cardiovascular muscle. In addition, calcium normalizes the blood clotting process. If your diet does not include cottage cheese and sour milk, compensate for their absence with soy products, green vegetables, and daily use of mineral water.

A vegan mother should get close to 20 grams of this trace element per day. It prevents anemia, strengthens the thyroid gland, and is actively involved in the process of hematopoiesis. Fortunately, iron is found in a large number of plant foods. In particular, dried fruits, cereals and legumes, apples, kelp, pears. And the record holder for iron content is a favorite of vegans – spinach.

It is noteworthy that in the breast milk of a vegan mother, this element is contained in greater quantities than in the milk of a woman who does not follow a diet. Its daily consumption rate is 390 micrograms. You can get it from spinach, beans, dates, bran.

To be in shape and ensure that the baby feels good, iodine must enter the mother’s body in an amount of 260 micrograms. Its maximum amount is found in seaweed, apples, sorrel, potatoes, iodized salt and spinach. If you are not allergic to walnuts, eat three or four kernels a day.

This is an indispensable microelement in the menu that is responsible for the work of the heart, kidneys, and the harmonious functioning of the nervous system. 11 mg of zinc per day is enough to cover its norm. To do this, eat pumpkin seeds, carrots, garlic, beets, porridge from legumes and cereals.

vitamin D
One of the most important vitamins for a growing body. As you know, its lack threatens the baby with the development of such a terrible disease as rickets. We get vitamin D from the sun. However, this may not be enough, especially if you live in a region where there are few Sunny days. For a child who has just been born, the daily value of the vitamin is 700 IU. If the baby is not full-term, it increases twice. A baby older than one year requires about 500 IU of vitamin a day. Advice to mothers who adhere to veganism: often walk with your baby on fine days, eat leafy greens, potatoes, oatmeal, and use various vegetable oils. This will be enough to protect the child from developmental delays and problems with the musculoskeletal system.

To be or not to be a vegan mom?

According to research, following the principles of proper balanced nutrition within the framework of veganism will not bring harm to the mother and baby. After all, the deficiency of proteins and vitamins is more than compensated by plant food.To be or not to be a vegan mom?

Scientists have studied the composition of vegan breast milk and found that it is optimally balanced, and the milk is nutritious. The only drawback of this natural product is its low fat content. This problem is offset by a sufficient amount of milk produced by the body. At the same time, a vegan mother’s child will ask for Breasts more often.

Eating in vegan mode has its own invaluable advantages. People whose diet consists of plant foods solve several problems at once. They avoid harmful fast food, their liver does not suffer from stress after eating fatty meat, and cholesterol is always normal.

To be or not to be a vegan is a personal choice for each person. But when deciding on such a diet, it is important to remember: you are responsible for a small person who is completely dependent on your actions.

Provide him with a healthy development, be healthy and happy!

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