Life with hypertension

Hello, dear readers! If your doctor finds you have high blood pressure and diagnoses you with hypertension, they will most likely prescribe antihypertensive pills. But it’s too early to be complacent. You should understand that pills do not treat hypertension, but only lower blood pressure. Pills do not save you from complications and a hypertensive crisis. The only thing that gives good results in the long run is a change in lifestyle.

Of course,this will require more effort and effort than just taking pills,but it is the best thing you can do for your health. All changes should be started very gradually, after consulting with your doctor. In the previous article, we already talked about nutrition. Changing your diet is necessary, but not enough. Changing your lifestyle is much more difficult. There are 10 basic rules for hypertensive patients.
1. Add physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle causes irreparable harm to health.No matter how much physical activity you have in your life, if you are diagnosed with hypertension, it should become much more. At least an hour a day, you should be able to exercise. And the best type of exercise is brisk walking in the fresh air.

Before starting classes, take a 6-minute test and add walking speed depending on the test results. Cycling,swimming,skiing,and other cardio activities(long-term but not intensive) are also good.Life with hypertension

But you should refrain from running and strength training, at least for now. Monitor your health and condition. After physical activity, the pulse and blood pressure should return to the pre-loading level in half an hour . If they remain elevated, then you need to reduce the intensity of the load.
Before exercise and 30 minutes after it measure blood PRESSURE

2. Reduce your emotional stress

Hypertensive people are usually emotional and take everything to heart. If you can’t cope with stress,then you can use sedatives that should be taken regularly. The harm from tranquilizers is much less than from your overreaction to stress.

But it is better, of course, to brew and constantly drink soothing herbal teas-motherwort, Valerian, mint, Melissa, thyme, hawthorn and others.

This is especially true in the evening if you have trouble sleeping. Sleep for a hypertensive person is sacred. If you don’t get enough sleep,you won’t be able to lower your blood pressure. And you need to fall asleep before midnight. So first of all, adjust your sleep. Evening walks,a warm shower or a hot foot bath can help you do this.

To relax and relieve stress, it is useful to spend a light self-massage of the head and neck in the evening. Gently RUB the scalp and back of the neck with both hands using the pads of your fingers in a circular motion, and then lightly stroke the face.

You can use the massage Mat and lie on it for 15-30 minutes.

3. Lose weight

Obesity is one of the causes of hypertension. Every extra kilogram of weight is + 2 units to your blood pressure. Try to keep your body mass index did not exceed 25.
4. Ditch unhealthy habits

Smoking and alcohol abuse increase blood pressure, so any treatment is useless until you give up these bad habits.

5. Drink enough water

If you have no contraindications(kidney disease, severe heart failure), then try to drink about 2 liters of ordinary boiled water a day. Add 5-10 drops of lemon juice to each glass. The first two glasses of liquid should be drunk immediately after waking up, because blood clots occur during the night. During the day, a glass of water is drunk half an hour before a meal and an hour after it. Be sure to drink water in small SIPS during physical activity, such as brisk walking. Avoid highly carbonated and sugary drinks.

6. perform breathing exercises

if you constantly do breathing exercises, you will not only increase the strength of the lungs and the power of the diaphragm, but also lower blood pressure.

7. Douse yourself with cold water

Short-term exposure to cold increases blood circulation,but this should be approached very carefully and gradually. Do not immediately pour a bucket of cold water on yourself. You can start with the pouring of the legs below the knees during the week, then another week to throw the legs above the knees,then a week-the belly and thighs and even the week – shoulders and chest and then pouring head. Be sure to dry off after the procedure. The toning effect is achieved in 2-3 months, and disappears in 2-3 weeks after stopping the procedures.

8. Visit the sauna or sauna once a week.

If you are well tolerated in the steam room and you do not have severe hypertension(blood PRESSURE above 180 mm Hg),then a visit to the bath or sauna will bring you great benefits.

9. Do exercises for the spine

Usually, all hypertensive patients have osteochondrosis of the spine, especially cervical, which aggravates the manifestations of hypertension. To cure it, you must constantly do special exercises. A set of exercises should be compiled by a competent specialist doctor.

10. Tune in to the positive

Often hypertensive people are responsible people, overloaded with tasks and worries. Learn to rest,relax,and appreciate yourself. Take life lightly, accept what is happening with gratitude and do not dwell on failures.

Transforming yourself and your lifestyle is a very difficult task that requires a lot of mental and physical strength. You need a great desire and strong motivation to start moving in the right direction. Determine why you need to change your life, and take small steps to slowly build in useful habits. Your health is in your hands and you,not the doctors, are responsible for it. Be healthy!

Why do I need daily blood pressure monitoring?

Hello, dear readers! Arterial hypertension can be suspected if you have three blood pressure measurements on different days, you found it rising above 140/90 mm Hg. but in order to accurately make a diagnosis, you need a number of examinations, including daily blood pressure monitoring, which allows you to accurately determine whether you have arterial hypertension.

Daily blood pressure monitoring (Smad) is a method for assessing the daily BLOOD pressure rhythm in vivo using portable blood PRESSURE monitors.
Why do I need daily blood pressure monitoring?

Indications for conducting Smad

Clinical blood PRESSURE (measured during visits to the doctor) is the main method for determining the value of blood pressure, but it is strongly influenced by psychological factors and “white coat syndrome”. Self-monitoring of blood pressure at home provides more complete information about the value of blood PRESSURE, but does not take into account blood PRESSURE during “daily” daytime activity, especially in working people,and blood PRESSURE at night.

man blood pressure monitoring

Smad allows you to provide information about blood PRESSURE fluctuations during the day, clarify the prognosis of cardiovascular complications, and more accurately assess the effect of hypotensive therapy, as it reduces the “white coat syndrome” and placebo.

it Is most appropriate to use Smad in the following situations:

  • strong variability of blood PRESSURE during repeated visits to the doctor or during self-monitoring;
  • discrepancy between the blood PRESSURE figures and the degree of target organ lesions characteristic of arterial hypertension(there may be high blood pressure in the absence of changes, or Vice versa, low blood PRESSURE figures with pronounced changes);
  • large differences in the value of blood PRESSURE at the reception and according to self-monitoring data;
  • low effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy;
  • episodes of hypotension (low blood pressure), especially in elderly patients and those with diabetes;
  • arterial hypertension in pregnant women.

Contraindications and possible complications

There are no absolute contraindications. Possible complications include edema of the forearm and hand, small-point hemorrhages, and contact dermatitis.

How the procedure is performed

The measurement plan provides for the establishment of day(6.00-24.00) and night (00.00-6.00) periods. The multiplicity of measurements in the daytime period is 1 time in 15 minutes, in the night period-1 time in 30 minutes. You record your sleep and Wake periods by clicking the “event” button on the monitor.

The monitor is placed in a case and attached to the body. The cuff is applied to the shoulder(can be over a thin shirt, t-shirt with a sleeve) and fixed.

During Smad, your daily routine should be normal, and with intense physical, emotional, and mental stress, you should write in your diary.

You will learn about the beginning of the measurement by squeezing the shoulder due to the increase in pressure in the cuff. If you were walking at this moment, you need to stop, lower your arm with the cuff along the trunk,relax the arm muscles as much as possible, and do not move your fingers. If you were sitting or lying down, you should leave your hand in the position in which it was.

If the measurement fails, the monitor pumps air back into the cuff after the pressure drops. Blood pressure monitor helps you measure your blood pressure correctly.. Zoom wellness blood pressure monitor should have everyone who suffers from high blood pressure. The monitors are equipped with an “extraordinary measurement” button, which you can press if you have a headache,heart pain,dizziness, etc.

Daily blood pressure monitoring
Evaluation of results

Interpretation of results should be carried out by a competent cardiologist.

When analyzing data, the most informative are:

  • average blood PRESSURE values per day, day, night;
  • maximum and minimum blood PRESSURE values in different periods of the day;
  • daily index;
  • morning rise in blood pressure.

The daily index (SI) or the degree of nocturnal decline (SNA) shows the difference between daytime and nighttime BP values as a percentage of the daily average. The optimal SNA of blood PRESSURE is from 10 to 20 % compared to daily indicators.

According to the value of SI, there are four groups of patients:

  • normal (optimal) SNS AD-SI 10-20%;
  • insufficient SNA AD -0<SI<10 %.
  • increased SNA AD-SI >20%. Too low night blood PRESSURE is especially dangerous in the elderly, as they often have signs of pain-free myocardial ischemia, as well as disorders of cerebral circulation.
    steady increase in nighttime AD-SI<0. This is a risk factor for death from cardiovascular diseases. Each increase C by 5% increases the risk of death by 20 % even at normal values the average blood pressure (less than 135/80).

Morning rise in blood pressure

In numerous studies it has long been noted that the greatest number of cardiovascular complications(myocardial infarction, stroke, sudden death) falls on the morning hours, especially in the first 2 hours after awakening.

The morning is the only time during the day when blood clotting increases, so sharp rises in blood PRESSURE at this time can lead to complications much more often.

If possible, each hypertensive patient should conduct a daily blood PRESSURE monitoring procedure so that it can be repeated to assess the effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy and the risk of possible complications. Be examined in a timely manner and be healthy!

How to be a vegan mom

Undoubtedly, every modern woman makes a choice in favor of a certain lifestyle. Today, veganism continues to gain popularity, including among girls and women. However, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to change her usual way of life and give up certain habits. This is due to the period of pregnancy and lactation. The life and health of the baby directly depends on the lifestyle of the mother. So many modern women are interested in whether it is possible to combine veganism with pregnancy and lactation? Will it harm the baby? Is it possible to eat according to the principles of veganism and provide the child with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins?

Many experts claim that it is possible to be a vegan mom without compromising the child’s health. However, you will have to follow a number of specific rules in order not to cause allergies in the child and ensure that he has an optimal diet during lactation. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to be a good vegan mom.

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the main events in a woman’s life. Along with this, there is a huge responsibility for the well-being, health of the baby, as well as its good health during breastfeeding. An important aspect and guarantee of a full nutrition of a little man is the chemical composition of the mother’s breast milk. From it, the baby gets the necessary growth and development of substances, trace elements, vitamins.

How to feed a nursing mother if she is a vegan? Are there any disadvantages to this method of feeding during lactation and how to make your diet complete? You will find answers to questions in the materials of this article.

Veganism: panacea or extreme?

It is believed that the refusal of meat food protects from many diseases and prolongs life. Of course, vegetarianism brings a person closer to a healthy lifestyle. But, some adherents of the HLS system go further and prefer veganism.

Unlike vegetarians and semi-vegetarians, not only meat is excluded from the vegan menu, but also all animal products, including honey. It is quite difficult to adhere to this way of eating. Especially during gestation and breast-feeding.

How to be a vegan mom and at the same time provide your child with full nutrition? It is necessary to make sure that it gets everything it needs from plant food, and the lack of meat and dairy products is compensated by a decent alternative.

Basic principles of vegan mom’s nutrition

Breastfeeding requires a woman to increase the number of calories consumed per day. This is due not only to the needs of the child, but also to the need for the female body to restore strength after childbirth.Veganism: panacea or extreme?

It is very important to provide the baby with a full set of necessary substances in the first four months of life. The number of calories consumed at this time in the mother increases by 630 kcal. Then the indicator decreases to 520 kcal per day.

A vegan mom should avoid spicy seasonings, spicy foods, foods containing chemical additives, and fruits and vegetables that are high in allergens (strawberries, melons, watermelons, mushrooms, citrus fruits, and nuts). At the same time, you can not sit on a strict diet either. So, you will deprive the child of the necessary valuable substances.

How do I know if you’re doing something wrong? The baby may begin to have digestive problems, the volume of milk will be reduced, the child will be constantly hungry and restless. You will feel a decline in strength, notice that you are losing your beauty.

Optimal diet of a nursing vegan mother

A child needs protein to form bone and muscle tissue. Its main source in the traditional menu is meat. How to compensate for the lack of meat? An alternative to it will be vegetable protein, in sufficient quantities contained in legumes and cereals. Consider the list of nutrients in detail.Optimal diet of a nursing vegan mother

Protein strength
In the daily menu of a nursing mother, its volume varies from 55 to 65 grams. If there is no meat component, replenish its stock with millet porridge, beans, chickpeas, peas, soy products, lentils, tofu cheese, whole grain bread.

Omega-3 for vision and brain function
This element is contained in a limited number of products. Namely, in red fish, which is unacceptable for a vegan. At the same time, omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the baby’s body. An alternative to fish will be seaweed, Flaxseed, and sesame oil.

B-group vitamins on guard of health
These important amino acids are responsible for all processes occurring in the child’s body. Their lack threatens backwardness in development, the appearance of various pathologies, slowing down the growth of cells. Signs of vitamin b deficiency in the mother: brittle nails, poor hair quality, dry and flabby skin, apathy, depression. Correct the situation with these products:

  • All green and leafy vegetables;
  • Legumes;
  • Pumpkin seeds;
  • Avocado;
  • Then if;
  • Sprouted seeds;
  • Bran;
  • Fruits and vegetables with a low allergic index.

A specialist will help you determine the optimal daily intake of each vitamin. It is very difficult to do this on your own, given the possible risk to the baby’s health.

This microelement is responsible for the strength of bones, the development of muscle tissue, healthy growth of teeth, and strengthening of the cardiovascular muscle. In addition, calcium normalizes the blood clotting process. If your diet does not include cottage cheese and sour milk, compensate for their absence with soy products, green vegetables, and daily use of mineral water.

A vegan mother should get close to 20 grams of this trace element per day. It prevents anemia, strengthens the thyroid gland, and is actively involved in the process of hematopoiesis. Fortunately, iron is found in a large number of plant foods. In particular, dried fruits, cereals and legumes, apples, kelp, pears. And the record holder for iron content is a favorite of vegans – spinach.

It is noteworthy that in the breast milk of a vegan mother, this element is contained in greater quantities than in the milk of a woman who does not follow a diet. Its daily consumption rate is 390 micrograms. You can get it from spinach, beans, dates, bran.

To be in shape and ensure that the baby feels good, iodine must enter the mother’s body in an amount of 260 micrograms. Its maximum amount is found in seaweed, apples, sorrel, potatoes, iodized salt and spinach. If you are not allergic to walnuts, eat three or four kernels a day.

This is an indispensable microelement in the menu that is responsible for the work of the heart, kidneys, and the harmonious functioning of the nervous system. 11 mg of zinc per day is enough to cover its norm. To do this, eat pumpkin seeds, carrots, garlic, beets, porridge from legumes and cereals.

vitamin D
One of the most important vitamins for a growing body. As you know, its lack threatens the baby with the development of such a terrible disease as rickets. We get vitamin D from the sun. However, this may not be enough, especially if you live in a region where there are few Sunny days. For a child who has just been born, the daily value of the vitamin is 700 IU. If the baby is not full-term, it increases twice. A baby older than one year requires about 500 IU of vitamin a day. Advice to mothers who adhere to veganism: often walk with your baby on fine days, eat leafy greens, potatoes, oatmeal, and use various vegetable oils. This will be enough to protect the child from developmental delays and problems with the musculoskeletal system.

To be or not to be a vegan mom?

According to research, following the principles of proper balanced nutrition within the framework of veganism will not bring harm to the mother and baby. After all, the deficiency of proteins and vitamins is more than compensated by plant food.To be or not to be a vegan mom?

Scientists have studied the composition of vegan breast milk and found that it is optimally balanced, and the milk is nutritious. The only drawback of this natural product is its low fat content. This problem is offset by a sufficient amount of milk produced by the body. At the same time, a vegan mother’s child will ask for Breasts more often.

Eating in vegan mode has its own invaluable advantages. People whose diet consists of plant foods solve several problems at once. They avoid harmful fast food, their liver does not suffer from stress after eating fatty meat, and cholesterol is always normal.

To be or not to be a vegan is a personal choice for each person. But when deciding on such a diet, it is important to remember: you are responsible for a small person who is completely dependent on your actions.

Provide him with a healthy development, be healthy and happy!

Pet therapy – treatment of cats

Today, there are many ways to improve human health. These are a variety of supplements, medications, and treatment procedures. But it is much more pleasant to get rid of health problems with the help of cats. Yes, it is cats that are used as the main tool in the fight against diseases in feline therapy.

This therapy is gaining popularity recently as an alternative method of treating various diseases. It is worth noting that it is quite effective and can really improve your health. However, remember that if you decide to use this method of treatment, you should not do it at home on your own. Feline therapy can help you get rid of indispositions only if it is performed under the strict control of experienced specialists.

If you are interested in feline therapy and want to learn more about it, then continue reading. You will find detailed information about this method of disease treatment, its features, and its conditions. You will also learn a lot about the capabilities of cats and understand how they affect human health.

Have you noticed how nice it is to pick up your favorite cat and feel her purring? This fluffy creature can take away fatigue and give a feeling of home comfort. This kind of psychotherapeutic effect has received the name “pet therapy“.pet therapy

But is it true that fuzzies have such a beneficial effect? What and how cats are treated, you will find answers in our article.

The concept and history of polynoterapiya pet therapy is a method of treatment and prevention of various ailments with the help of communication with cats. It should be noted at once that this process is carried out by a group of qualified specialists. First of all, the therapist and the person to whom this cat belongs, that is, the person who trains it to perform the therapeutic function. After all, in fact, a cat is a tool used in pet therapy classes.

In fact, these amazing creatures have been living near humans for more than 10,000 years. And although cats were first domesticated clearly not to purr on their laps, but rather for more practical purposes, now they are, in most cases, Pets for the soul.

what cats treat

The first who noticed the beneficial effect of fuzzies on humans were the Ancient Egyptians, who also had them as sacred animals. Later their experience was adopted by the Assyrians, Babylonians and Romans. But in the Middle ages, the attitude to cats changed dramatically and they were even destroyed, which led to an increase in the rat population. In principle, these events were one of the key ones in the rapid spread of the plague that wiped out half of Europe.

In subsequent times, humanity made conclusions and did not touch these beautiful creatures. Moreover, it returned to the study of their medicinal properties. So many years later, it turned into a full-fledged science thanks to chance. Employees of the London Institute of therapeutic methods of influence conducted an experiment in which the laboratory wandered Institute cat named Martha. When the animal passed a low-frequency current generator, the sensors went off scale, the animal’s electromagnetic field was stronger than the field of an expensive device. And the scientists decided to test whether Martha could be used and woman pet therapy

At that time, the Institute was developing a method for treating chronic inflammatory diseases using low-frequency currents. Two groups of volunteers were organized, half of whom were treated with a special device, and the other half-with the help of cats. A month later, the results of the experiment were amazing, because in the second group, the animals managed to cure all their patients, while in the first group, only half recovered.

This was the impetus for further experiments, which were aimed at understanding how cats are treated. As a result, today, there is a holistic science that has already helped overcome many ailments in different parts of the world.

What cats treat

The medicinal properties of cats extend to diseases of various origins. So, pet therapy is most often used for failures in the cardiovascular system, mental disorders, various addictions, brain diseases and as a component of the rehabilitation process after operations.

This is not a complete list of diseases for which pet therapy is a panacea. Treatment with this method helps to reduce blood pressure, normalizes the heart, relieves joint and headaches. Cats are able to treat even internal inflammatory diseases.

The process of treating cats is due to the specific skills of these animals:

  • Ability to purr. This particular sound has a frequency from 20 to 44 Hz, which is surprisingly healing for the human body. When we hear purring combined with the vibration of the cat’s body, our body goes into a relaxing state, activates its defenses and thus increases the immune system, in addition, it has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, improves brain circulation, normalizes blood pressure and stabilizes the heart rate. Even listening to an audio recording with a purr has a positive effect.
  • Pleasant body temperature. 38-39 °C is the optimal temperature for a mild soothing and warming effect.
  • Ability to absorb negative energy. I think you have often noticed that cats always try to lie down in a place that hurts. This is because that is where the negative energy is concentrated, which they are able to take away.

In addition, due to the friction of the cat’s villi against each other, a low-frequency current is produced, which also has a therapeutic and child therapy

How to be treated with the help of the cats studied experimentally for different patients. So, recently proved the effectiveness of pet therapy in gynecological diseases.

This purring creature can help even at home. Have you noticed how the cat massages the human body with its paws? – This is another type of therapeutic effect. In this way, they relax and help with fatigue, long-term stress, rheumatism, migraines and insomnia.

Features of the method application

It is important to know some recommendations for more efficient use of polynoterapiya. For example, the gender of the furry doctor matters. Cats are more suitable for the treatment of arthritis, radiculitis and osteochondrosis, and cats – for diseases of internal organs and mental disorders.

It is also interesting that even the breed of cat should be taken into account:

  1. Furry cats, which include Persian, Angora and Siberian breeds, are most often used to fight depression, osteochondrosis, neuralgia and insomnia.
  2. Phlegmatic “Brits” help with cardiovascular ailments.
  3. Smooth-haired breeds that specialize in liver and kidney diseases.
  4. Short-haired and hairless cats such as Sphynxes, Siamese and Abyssinian, are treated diseases of the digestive system.

Another important aspect is taking into account the color of the seal. The most neutral and universal suit is considered to be gray. If we talk about red cats, they are simply irreplaceable for depressive manifestations and fatigue, because they are able to charge with positive energy. White Pets-occupy top positions when it comes to the treatment of physiological ailments. Black cats are able to get rid of negative energy.

Pet therapy is gaining popularity every year. Yes, this method can not replace medication, but as an auxiliary and rehabilitation component is quite effective. Therefore, if you want to be able to prevent all the above-mentioned diseases at home, get yourself a cat and be healthy!

Consequences of office work and how to prevent frightening “office” diseases

Many young people who were students yesterday are in a hurry to get a job at the office today. This is quite justified because office work promises career growth, the help of more experienced colleagues, and a sense of cohesion and unity of the team. Of course, few people think that working in the office is also associated with numerous negative aspects, such as various diseases, for example.

Prolonged sitting, artificial lighting, lack of fresh air, work surrounded by numerous office equipment – all these and many other factors can worsen your health very quickly, even if you are still young. However, there are many ways to prevent the negative consequences of working in the office and always be cheerful, positive, and full of energy.

If you want to learn more about the risks of diseases that increase in the case of working in the office, as well as prevention measures that will help reduce these risks, then you should definitely pay attention to this article.

Office. Bathed in the sun and the aroma of coffee, bright, spacious. On the walls are colorful paintings and a schedule for the year, on the windowsills tradescantia and a Cup with a seal. Upholstered chairs, comfortable tables, warm lamps, a coffee machine, fruit and crunchy cookies. You are greeted by young, attractive employees, a smiling boss comes out to meet you, says Hello, shakes his hand and accompanies you to the most comfortable workplace, so desired and long-awaited.

– Dream job! -I couldn’t help but admire you when you raised the blinds at your Desk and saw that the window offers a wonderful view of the city and the river, because the 15th floor.

“Oh, one more thing,” the boss said. – Let me introduce you to Emma.”

– Emma? Hmm, – blushing start to remember the names of employees. – It wasn’t there when I was introduced to the team?

Without losing a smile, the boss leads to the most evil place of the office-the balcony, where people often go for a smoke break, drink coffee, talk on their mobile phone or for a 5-minute rest. And then you are knocked down… Emma, or rather not Emma herself, but her appearance. Fat, pale, hunchbacked, with varicose veins on her legs, reddened eyes…

“Don’t worry, it’s a dummy,” the boss laughed. – Emma is a wax doll in which the sculptor displayed typical health problems of office workers. Although … Emmochka is not all ills are visible, she has myopia, migraines, hemorrhoids, heart problems, teeth and kidneys, and it’s scary to talk about mental disorders… Emma is not a figment of a sick imagination, but a model created by scientists after surveys about working conditions and health among 3 thousand “white collar workers” in the UK, Germany and France. Emma is a reminder of what we can become if we don’t follow a work and rest schedule.

So, what to do? What should I do to prevent my dream job from being ruined?

The most common office illnesses: physical and mental

According to statistics from the last five years, every second office worker aged 25-40 suffers from problems with the spine and joints. According to statistics, about 40% complain of stress, depression, and psychoemotional disorders.The most common office illnesses: physical and mental Every third person has frequent headaches, chronic respiratory diseases, gastritis and stomach ulcers… In fact, the numbers are much higher. And this is not a heavenly punishment, but a natural consequence of a careless attitude to health.

Dream job, you say?!

Of course, this is not unloading cars or working in the mine. However, sedentary, sedentary, monotonous work in a closed room among toxic office equipment does not make a person healthier. Having received a one-way ticket at birth, we all move in the same direction… and even if we can not turn back time, but everyone is able to make their life path so that it is not painfully painful (both physically and mentally).

The way of peace. If an acute toothache or a pinched nerve, for example, urgently drives us to people in white coats, then mental disorders show treachery. They may not appear immediately and at the first stages you can get along with them and work with them, although the taste of life is not the same. Scientists believe that the reason for this “injustice” is that humanity has always needed to feel pain, and psychological problems have appeared relatively recently and the brain has not yet learned to recognize them as a threat in a timely manner.

The fact that the disorder of psychoemotional health is harmful, alas, we notice only on the problems in relations with society. Although, if you look closely, it turns out that the physical body has long been giving signals about “system failure”. But we perceive them as “Oh, I accidentally tripped and dislocated my leg”, “Oh, I have insomnia and no appetite”, ” hmm, recently, colds and coughs have often been bothering me for more than a month.”

What do we do in such situations? Either we go to the doctor, or nothing (until it presses). But the ancient Chinese wisdom says that you need to go to the doctor in the last place, and first try to change your diet and lifestyle. And many modern doctors agree with this, as well as with banal truths: all diseases are from “nerves”, and “all nerves” – from the way of life (these theses and terms should be fully deciphered, but this is the topic of a separate not short article).

Note to office workers: basic disease prevention

Do you want to avoid such a beautiful future that runs headlong towards you with a bouquet of psychophysical disorders? Of course! You are so young, so cheerful, and so good-looking. Are you ready to give up the office? Then compensate for sedentary work with a mobile lifestyle: everyone can do it!

Problems: obesity, shortness of breath, back and joint pain, osteochondrosis, cardiovascular problems, thrombosis, and more.
Reason: immobility, static posture in the workplace.

Solution: move more during the day, massage and self-massage, walking, contrast shower, regular (!) fiznagruzki-this is 2-3 times a week for 1-2 hours (it is better to go to the pool, to dance or martial arts, sports games or Wellness gymnastics like Hadu).

Tips: stretch more often, walk up the stairs and down the street, periodically ride a bike around the city, change the working position once every half hour or hour (standing, half-turn, the screen is at eye level, then higher, then lower), during the work, massage and stretch the free parts of the body (while your hands are typing-move your legs, hands are free-massage your head and face), take breaks with charging for the body and for the eyes.

Remember! It is important to stretch the muscles, joints, and accelerate blood circulation. It is clear, it is always-there is no time! But 5 minutes every 60-90 minutes will not affect your work, but it will help your health very much-100%. If the imagination is tight, take the “classic” of children’s exercises: head rotation, shoulder tossing, stretch the limbs, “scroll” all the joints, bends, squats, bounces. For all about all 5 minutes-try it!Note to office workers

Problems: dry and red eyes, blurred vision.
Reason: long-term intense gaze at one point at the same distance.

Tips: every 1-1. 5 hours,do eye exercises, change focus, look out the window and at special stereo images, massage your face and closed eyes.

Problems: sore hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis.
Tips: sit so that the hand and elbow lie on the table, parallel to the floor, and the shoulder is perpendicular to the floor (the elbow angle is approximately 90 degrees), regular exercises for the fingers, palms and joints of the hands, self-massage.

Problem: frequent viral respiratory infections and acute respiratory infections, allergies, migraines, stuffy nose, dry cough.
The reason: dust, dry air and invisible enemies-microbes, bacteria, viruses.

Tips: every morning wipe your workplace with a damp cloth (even if it seems clean), regular wet cleaning of the office, airing, timely cleaning of air conditioners, put indoor flowers.

Problems with the teeth and the gastrointestinal tract.
The reason: office tea-coffee-cookies played a cruel joke. Even without talking about the harm of sweets in General and the questionable quality of these products, the trouble is that they are often replaced by full-fledged healthy food. Why go to the dining room for porridge and salad, if you can not look up from the screen to crunch and forget about the feeling of hunger?

Tips: take care of a varied diet, partially replace coffee and tea with herbal and fruit drinks, instead of cookies – cottage cheese and chocolate desserts, dried fruits, nuts, fruits and fresh vegetables (you can clean at home, cut, and nibble at work without distracting from the screen).

Problems: hemorrhoids, cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system.
Reason: sedentary lifestyle and “ignoring” toilet needs.

Tips: move more, eat normally and, sorry for focusing on such a topic, but you do not need to tolerate the urge to go “small”, “large” and even keep the accumulated gases – this leads to big problems (when you tolerate intoxication of the body and possible development of infections).

A couple of” pills ” for the soul: relaxation, laughter and extreme

We have paid so much attention to the prevention of physical health... but what about mental health? The pleasant thing is that most of the above recommendations have a beneficial effect on the state of mind – this is a bonus.A couple of" pills " for the soul: relaxation, laughter and extreme

What else can you do to avoid going crazy from stress? Three whales: relaxation, laughter and extreme.

Find time and opportunity to relax intellectually and emotionally, even when things are bad. For a fresh and rested mind often have a really good idea.

Laughter, laughter, giggling, “I can’t laugh” to tears, to colic, to darkening the eyes – this is the strongest medicine for the soul. Watch comedies, interact with children and animals, and conduct tickling sessions…

The brain constantly needs a fresh portion of hormones, craves something new, ticklish… If life is monotonous, there is nothing to “cheer up”, then the brain begins to “suck out of your finger” some adventures. In such cases, a person behaves like a drug addict in search of a dose-begins to look for where to grab the adrenaline: someone digs in themselves, someone in the phone of her husband, someone inflates scandals out of the blue or climbs into fights… All this out of boredom! But instead of spoiling the relationship, it is better to purposefully, for preventive purposes, drive yourself into an extreme situation. Everyone chooses the degree of extreme for themselves: for someone it is to drive a car, for someone to walk at night in the woods, go to a cryosauna, participate in competitions, etc.

Have you read, agreed, and intend to close the page? And in vain, from reading your eyes, kidneys, genitourinary system, heart and spine will not become easier! Or maybe you want to be like Emma? Enter the search term “Meet Emma” in the search engine, look at the future of lazy office plankton… and re-read and perform basic prevention to avoid becoming Emma.

Causes of constant fatigue and lack of energy

This can make you lose your temper if you have a lot of plans for the day but you are absolutely unable to implement them. This is due to a constant feeling of fatigue and unwillingness to do anything. And this has been going on for several days – you constantly want to sleep, you are not interested in anything but only rest, and you dream that the day will end as soon as possible. But what is it? What is the reason for the constant loss of energy and drowsiness? And most importantly, how can you fight this?

Fatigue can lead to irritability and a bad mood. Of course, you don’t need all this. But what exactly are the causes of fatigue? It is the answer to this question that determines how to increase your energy and performance. Continue reading this article to understand the main causes of fatigue and power loss. This will certainly help you determine the causes of your constant fatigue. So, you will be able to cope with it and begin to live a normal life, full of energy and vigor.

If You Wake up in the morning thinking, ” when will I go back to sleep and finally rest?”then this article is for You.

More and more people in the world are accompanied by an asthenic state and constant fatigue. What to do and how to counteract it is the key problem of modern society.

Where does constant fatigue and drowsiness come from?

Usually the majority of the population, without knowing it, create a problem for themselves and bring themselves to a chronic state of lack of energy. They look for excuses for lack of sleep and abnormal exercise, but these are not the only reasons for the state when there is no strength and energy. I offer you a list of rather unexpected reasons that cause a feeling of fatigue:

Missed workouts at the gym, due to fatigue. At first glance, it sounds logical: “I will not go to training because I do not have the strength to do it.” But there is no – training helps to increase the level of endurance, by improving the functioning of the circulatory system. Under these conditions, the body’s tissues and organs get more oxygen in a short time.

Dehydration. An insufficient amount of water causes blood to thicken, which makes it much more difficult for the heart to work, and as a result, the muscles receive much less nutrients and oxygen.
Insufficient amount of iron in the body. Leads to lethargy, distraction and weakness in General. And all because of anemic phenomena caused by a deficiency of this

Total perfectionism. Constant experiences due to the mismatch of the real state of things and unreasonably high bar, contributes to constant stress and work at the limit of their capabilities. And with our nervous system, as with the muscles – too long tension provokes stretching and tearing, and the robot to wear-nervous breakdowns and chronic fatigue.

Junk food and processed foods. Not a very expected reason, provoking a decline in strength, as for me. The reason is products with a high glycemic index, which provoke a sharp change in sugar levels and this gradually Deplete the body.

Not being able to say No. Excessive complaisance towards the Manager and employees forces You to work and do the work that is not provided for by Your duties, thereby depleting the body.
Using gadgets before going to bed. Light from smartphones and laptops mutes the production of melatonin and disrupts the body’s daily rhythms.

Cluttered office. Too much extra paper can cause a constant feeling of fatigue. After all, this helps to dissipate attention, and also increases the time to search for the necessary documents.
No vacation. Well, everything is clear, no one is immune from professional burnout, so you should at least temporarily turn off the “turbo snail” mode.

Drinking alcohol before going to bed. Alcohol causes a surge of adrenaline, which significantly complicates falling asleep and reduces the quality of sleep.

The abuse of coffee. Drinking more than three cups a day Can cause dysfunction of natural biorhythms and provoke a decline in strength. The reason is that caffeine blocks the action of adenosine-a nucleoid that determines the need for sleep.

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons for fatigue. It is important that people understand how to build their daily activities and provide themselves with time for rest.

How to recognize the state of fatigue in time?

Usually we all understand and know what it is from feelings of fatigue. But you should understand and be able to distinguish normal fatigue from a more dangerous condition – overwork.

Overwork is a stable, unfavorable for the body functional disorders, in consequence of which it is very difficult to return to normal normal activity . In addition, this problem causes serous problems in the nervous system.How to recognize the state of fatigue in time?

This condition, when there is not just no strength and energy, fatigue can cause the development of chronic hypoxia. In General, signs of overwork are:

  • extremely high levels of fatigue;
  • persistent sleep disturbance;
  • headache;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • risk of coronary heart disease.
  • chronic irritability;
  • alternatively, the occurrence of arterial hypertension.

Overwork cannot be cured simply by sleeping, or by ordinary rest. We already need the help of a qualified specialist.

Ways to increase energy

With the usual version of fatigue, a person can cope on their own. It is important to learn how to correctly and evenly distribute the load and take time to rest. You also need to take measures to prevent this debilitating condition:Ways to increase energy

  • The first thing you need to do is adjust your sleep mode. On average, it is recommended to sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  • Provide a healthy diet. Food is a source of energy reserves of the body, which are necessary for the normal functioning of organs and systems. Therefore, it is important that the diet is balanced and filled with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.
  • Systematic physical activity. Here You can choose any sport, at your discretion – Cycling, swimming, running, and more-will provide a burst of energy and a stream of positive emotions. The main condition is the regularity of classes.
  • You need to give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol, mistakenly used as a kind of antidepressants , in fact, they Deplete the body and increase fatigue.
  • Try to rationally distribute the time of work and rest. Switch from physical to mental work and Vice versa.
  • Assign tasks according to priority. At work, organize short, preferably active, pauses, at lunchtime go out into the fresh air and walk for 20-30 minutes.
  • Train yourself to set aside time for Hobbies. Favorite and interesting Hobbies will fill the day with joy and meaning.
  • Optimism and a sense of humor. Negative emotions and emotional experiences have a significant impact on health. Try to treat life with ease and humor.

In our time, it is difficult to withstand the furious pace of life. It is important to be able to neutralize the influence of negative factors and not bring yourself to a state of complete exhaustion. Your cheerfulness and well-being depends only on You, learn to “feel” your body and live in harmony with the world around you.

Secret of longevity

Many people claim that genetics is the main factor that determines a person’s life expectancy. This means that you will live a long time if your ancestors were long-livers. This is not an absolutely incorrect statement. But it is also impossible to fully agree with it. The fact is that genetics determines the length of your life only by a quarter. Everything depends on you. Yes, it is up to you.

If you want to live a very long and healthy life, then you should definitely think about what kind of lifestyle you lead. Undoubtedly, proper nutrition, constant physical activity, lack of bad habits, and a positive approach to life will help you replenish the number of centenarians. However, if your lifestyle is absolutely the opposite, then you should think about what this is related to. This way you can change your life and extend it for several decades.

However, there are a few secrets that will also help you extend your life. The most important thing is to understand and observe them. Do you want to know what it is about? Then continue reading the article.

Genetics only determines the length of our lives by a quarter. This means that by our actions we can make our life long and happy by performing certain actions. Activity, proper nutrition, and an optimistic attitude are probably the most universal ways to live longer. But it seems that many people underestimate the effectiveness of these principles, if they neglect them throughout their lives. And not always a healthy lifestyle is a panacea for early old age. It can help you live to 80-85 years, and not change a hundred. What secrets do centenarians have, and what should they do from their youth to live a long time? Let’s figure it out.

Setting up health or a healthy mindset?

Numerous interviews with centenarians show us that a far from healthy lifestyle helped them live for more than 100 years. Among those who have lived for more than a century, there are many lovers of bacon, alcohol and cigarettes. This does not mean that you should neglect the harm of fatty foods and tobacco in order to live long. The impact of these things on health has not been canceled. If we want to live many years, we probably mean that these will be good, happy years. And poor health primarily affects our satisfaction with life. But you should not limit yourself to proper nutrition.Setting up health or a healthy mindset?

French woman Jeanne Calman, who officially lived the longest life of all women on the planet (122 years), said that her passion is wine and chocolate. American Geralyn Tully (115 years old) spoke about her great love for doughnuts and fatty foods. Many male centenarians also shared their love of” bad ” food and alcohol. For example, Gustav Gernet, a 112-year-old German, never exercised or dieted. Batuli Lamichane from Nepal, who is also 112, still smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. Briton Jack Reynolds, who is 105, adds whiskey to his morning coffee every day. His compatriot, Agnes Fenton (110), also drinks whiskey every day. This list can be continued indefinitely.

Another conclusion reached by people who have lived for more than a hundred years is that it is important to feel good. That is, it is the inner mood, a positive attitude to life-that’s the secret of long years of walking around the world. Those who wash down bacon with gin and tonic at the age of 100 are easier to live with, and know a lot about optimism. We, knowing this, have the opportunity to combine good health and a cheerful disposition.

Laughter prolongs life

Almost everyone has heard this saying. It is so popular for a reason. Over the past 50 years, scientists have paid special attention to the study of the effect of laughter on our condition, well-being and health in General. From the point of view of science, this fact is understandable and true. The fact is that during laughter, the pulse quickens by 10%, some muscles contract, in addition, laughter secretes endorphin (“joy hormone”), which has a strong strengthening effect on the entire body.

An important factor is that laughter helps you survive difficult situations. Therefore, those who are prone to irony and optimism are easier to pass tests than pessimistic and serious people. Because of this, our nervous system suffers much less, and the risk of psychosomatic diseases is minimized.

What do scientists say about centenarians
Since the desire for eternal life is a question that has not left the minds of people of all times, it is not surprising that scientists have paid so much attention to it. Many researchers have devoted their work to studying the way of life of people who have lived in good health and sanity for more than 100 years. Some of their conclusions are presented below.

«Blue zone»
Unfortunately, such a luxury as good ecology is not available to everyone. But it was the cause of a large concentration of centenarians in a certain area of the globe. Scientists call them “blue zones”.

As part of the National Geographic project, American journalist Dan Buettner went to study these zones. Later, he published the book “rules of longevity” with the results of his research.

Places of the Earth, which is home to many centenarians:

  • the island of Okinawa in Japan;
  • Loma Linda Seventh-day Adventist community in California;
  • Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

The average life expectancy here is 80-90 years, as well as many people who are over 110 years old! It is interesting that not only ecology, but also the local philosophy of life influenced such indicators. You can read about one of these phenomena in the article:

Measure in food, and in everything

Despite the curious exceptions we discussed above, centenarians are usually distinguished by their moderation in food. There are no specific restrictions, the main thing is a balanced diet, where grains and leguminous vegetables predominate, but dairy products and meat are not necessarily excluded. What really unites the residents of the “blue zones” is the love of nuts (they are rich in antioxidants, as in the next paragraph).Measure in food, and in everything

The Japanese, for example, follow the rule that the stomach must be filled to 80%. They believe that this is the healthiest portion for a person, and put down a spoon as soon as the first signs of a feeling of satiety appear.

Many anti-oxidants

Antioxidants are substances that neutralize the oxidative effect of free radicals, promote healthy cell division, and prevent early cell aging. Foods rich in antioxidants are an excellent cancer prevention. Therefore, it is not surprising that centenarians from all over the world share a love for products that have these substances, namely:

  • green tea;
  • coffee;
  • fresh berries and fruits, especially sour ones;
  • nuts;
  • legumes;
  • red wine.

There are studies that show that centenarians are United by a love of foods rich in lactic acid: sauerkraut, curdled milk, yogurt,black bread with sourdough.

Secret of the Royal family

The doctor of the British Royal family, Mosaraf Ali, is a doctor of medicine, and he is serious about the principle of Ayurveda regarding nutrition, which is based on the doctrine of doshas.

Secret of the Royal familyAyurveda describes which foods should be avoided in each of the doshas, and which should be preferred. At the same time, Ali does not use the Eastern term, so as not to scare away Westerners who are far from Eastern philosophy. Mosaraf Ali emphasizes that the basic principles of individual nutrition selection according to doshas are also used in the Western world. A more familiar word is the “Constitution” of man.

Active lifestyle

A little trite, but how effective! “Movement is life!”–- another saying familiar to everyone. In his study, Dan Buettner notes that the “blue zones” are located mainly in rural areas, where residents spend a lot of time outdoors and in active walks.

Of course, it is difficult to talk about any sport or even exercise at the age of 100, but walking is a great way to maintain good health.

We have already touched a little on the topic of ikigai, the Japanese philosophy of the meaning of life. So, ikigai is an analogue of our Logotherapy, which is often contrasted with psychoanalysis because of its rapid effectiveness. This method is the reason that makes you get up in the morning. Having found the goal of a lifetime, Japanese people remain active and happy throughout their long lives. But not only the Japanese came to this. Residents of another” blue zone ” – Costa Rica-also talk about the goal of all life, but they call it plan de la vida (“life plan”).

Strong community

Social connections bring people the most happiness. According to statistics, long-livers are those who have a strong, large and friendly family. People feed us, support us, and often fill our lives with meaning. It is interesting that communication with grandchildren supports older people and makes them more active.

Kelly Campbell, Professor of psychology at the University of California, believes that the tendency of society to individualism is harmful to our health and mental well – being. In her opinion, to be happy, relationships need to be strengthened and developed, not destroyed. Also, according to a study by American scientists, people who live near children live about 12-15 years longer than those who live alone.